Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mobs overrun Bangalore

The way Bangalore descended to chaos, violence and arson during the funeral procession of Rajkumar today was unimaginable. And, it was there for all to see, across the nation, as television channels beamed images of hooligans pelting stones at vehicles, setting buses on fire, fighting pitched battles with police. We all saw a policeman being chased, cornered and beaten up by the crowd. It was a very disturbing sight. It was senseless madness on the streets as the government just stood by.

Government? Well, has there been one after S M Krishna's Congress lost power in 2004? Today's mayhem was further proof that there is no governance at all in India's famous technology capital.

At the end of the day, there was just one question on everyone's lips. What was the reason for this violence? Who gained what? And, that too during the mourning of the passing away of a such a saintly figure like Rajkumar. While fingers are being pointed at the government and police for not anticipating such a situation, no one really knows what drove the frenzied crowd to indulge in such violence.

It is impossible that admirers and fans did all this. It just can't be. Anti-social elements have capitalised on the occasion to run riot. Every society has a section that is susceptible to behave in such a fashion. Good administration will be on guard and thwart such attempts. But it was not to be.

I feel really sad that a person like Rajkumar, who by sheer hardwork raised himself to such a stature and won the hearts of multitudes, had to depart in such a fashion. How could it be that he was surrounded by people who couldn't think better? What did all that adulation over a lifetime mean? I just don't know why the people immediately close to Rajkumar and the government machinery couldn't seize the situation and give a more respectful and dignified farewell to Rajkumar.

The day and the events wouldn't be forgotten so easily. It's a blot on Bangalore which wouldn't go away so soon. Probably in all these, there is some indicator to the sort of social fabric Bangalore has allowed itself to have. The day has left too many questions the answers to which may not be easy to find.


  1. It is so sad that this man who lived with such dignity and humility was humiliated by hooligans who capitalised on his death to loot and burn. After the Cauvery riots and the riots after RK's kidnapping the cops and the govt. should have learnt its lessons and identified potential rioters. But no follow up was done. And the city paid the price for apathy.

  2. read that this was the worst violence Bangalore has witnessed in ten years, so not a small thing. as u said, it cannot be fans or admirers of Rajkumar who perpetrated such acts. it's strange that some people (shouldn't be called people at all, just antisocial elements will do!) have this strange appetite for upsetting order and causing violence. hard to imagine what they get from all of this :(

  3. I am not surprised at all.. In bangalore, people don't need a reason to turn violent. I think it has to do with socio economic disparity that creates animosity..

  4. I fully agree with you. And you have put across your thoughts beautifully.

  5. Government shows no interst to bring a decorum to the beautiful city through any measures,but only to change its name first.

    As though changing its name would altogether change people saints.