Friday, December 1, 2006


The last month of 2006 has turned in with depressing news:
  • Maharashtra burned with Dalit fury yesterday: All it took for people in Maharashtra to begin killing each other was damage to a statue in Kanpur. Problems may be grave but is this the solution?
  • Trinamool Congress members led by Mamata Banerjee left a trail of destruction in the West Bengal Assembly yesterday: Democracy vests politicians, more than learned bureaucrats, with lots of power and privileges. With people like Mamata around, does democracy have any real meaning in India?
  • On World Aids Day, today, we are told India has the highest number of HIV-infected people in the world: One can't treat AIDS in any effective manner. Solution is in prevention. Have we as a nation really woken up to the situations and circumstances that lead a person to get infected with HIV?
  • CBI may press for death penalty for former Union minister Shibu Soren for his role in the murder of his former private secretary Shashinath Jha: When will our system be cleansed of such elements?

And, add this to it if you like:

  • Sachar Committee report, which painted a depressing picture of India's Muslims, was presented in Parliament yesterday: The West got into a problem with Islam only recently. But India's birth itself has haunting linkages with the religion. It's not so easy to extricate a legacy of history. More so, if our lowbrow politicians, who sadly make up the majority, see in that legacy a goldmine. The story of Dalits is not so much different. When will lack of development cease to be a vested interest for our politicos?

Ironically, the government also yesterday released figures to show that India's GDP had grown by 9.2% in the second quarter: How much do these figures reflect reality?

  • NEWS JUST IN: Punjab and Haryana High Court holds Navjyot Singh Sidhu guilty in a murder case: What's happening?


  1. It's mind boggling.. 18 years after the incident, Sidhu's case is still on.. So much for the Indian judicial system.

  2. Come on, our TV channels need some breaking news tickers anyway.

  3. Kishore When the justice system lags behind time like this, no surprise, not many people have hope in the system.

    Kishore Cariappa Yes, the other way of looking at it: thanks to all this, we hacks have our jobs!