Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Shibu Soren gets life term

More shocking than a Union minister being charged with murder, being convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment (with prosecution seeking death sentence), is the tolerance of our political establishment to accommodate such elements. Shibu Soren is only symbolic of a malaise that is dangerous if not treated immediately.

It seems he has a great following, has been instrumental in fighting injustice... but at the end, if he has been convicted of murder; what has all the glory come to? Soren is not alone. Most politicians, if one were to look at them as an individual, as a person, they have striking qualities. Many of them are good academic qualifications, others have leadership abilities, and many of them are, individually, very concerned about society and the country. It’s sad that we run a system that doesn’t allow the goodness of many individuals to come to the fore.

In this context Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar’s piece in STOI of Dec 3 –
Politics and Growth -- is worth reading. He tries to answer this basic question: “Economic theory says that rapid economic growth cannot be possible without good governance. How, then, is India having booming growth and political crime at the same time?”

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