Sunday, April 8, 2007

BCCI takes a firm step forward

The dramatic changes that the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) effected in the team management yesterday reflect the public outcry that followed India's early exit from the ongoing World Cup. Few realise that the outcry was not against India's defeat. There was a feeling gaining ground that a few seniors were taking the large mass of cricket enthusiasts for a royal ride. It's this debilitating environment and conditions that were being sought to be changed by the BCCI.

It must be acknowledged that the cricket board has collectively come to a reasonable stand that indicates a willingness to save this game in our country. A few top senior cricketers -- who had assumed proportions of demigod status -- had virtually held the administration and conduct of the game to hostage.

There wasn't any point in blaiming the coach. In fact, there'sn't anyone talking agaist him, except a few senior players. It's apparent that Greg has been a thorough professional who looked at our senior players as nothing more than players. For example, some of our seniors may have earned Greg's wrath for coming late to the camp or taking the preparatory sessions lightly. And it may not have gone too well with them.

By indicating -- an unprecedented step in itself -- that the new team to tour Bangladesh will comprise mainly of youngsters is a blow to the cancerous vested intersts that had infected the team. Let us also not be now under the illusion that India will win all the coming matches. A little step has been taking in the foward direction; but a good amount of ground needs to be covered.

Going by yesterday's defeat of South Africa by Bangladesh, we aren't definitely going to have a cakewalk during our Bangla tour. Anyway that tour, unlike in the past, will be one worth looking forward to.

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  1. The Bangla tour is definitely gonna be a good to watch.
    I'm lookin forward for it. I hope India would pick up the best team by then.

    Peace & Love