Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rain in Bangalore, finally

The weather bureau in Bangalore was indeed right. Yesterday's drizzle was also an indication of more to follow. It poured in most parts of Bangalore this evening, instantly spreading some cheer all around. Afterall, the city has been experiencing unprecedented summer heat. As the rain lashed, some willingly got drenched, others stood in the comforts of shade to watch drops collect into a puddle and flood the area. In everyone's mind surely there was a sense of relief: one, relief from heat; and two, here's the water that we are all thirsting for. Hope, we have a good monsoon!


  1. Good to hear about rains. Japan has a lot of rains, but I still long for the rainy season in Kerala. So cool, so charming, so pretty it is.

    Though Bangalore has more concrete that destroys the beauty of rain, summer rain is more of necessity than a luxury.


  2. ah ... 8-> rain is such a great feeling!

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