Friday, May 4, 2007

Marketing executives

What would happen to the marketing industry if most people were like me? It could probably collapse.

Why? Because I get very sceptical when marketing executives appoach me and try to sell their product or service. The more they push their product, the more will be my reluctance to give in.

It's not so bad for me with advertisements, because they don't force you -- with a gun on your throat as it were -- to buy the product. Ads that combine information that I can cross check impress me a lot.

Some marketing executives can be too pushy. I won't blame them, because that is their way of perseverance. And, a lot of people give in when pushed. I feel harassed mainly because the product that is being sold to me is not what I am thinking of buying.

I often ask the executives, "Do you have a info booklet? Why don't give me some time to think it over? Shall call you back when I have taken a decision." This approach, all marketing executives know very well, doesn't work, since no one usually calls back; by the time the decision to buy has been taken, the contact phone number would have been lost.

The executives who will have absolutely no luck with me are those who say, "Sir, you will need to buy this today itself, since today is the last day of the offer."

Discounts also make me suspicious. When prices are dropped so low, instead of the temptation to buy the product, it prompts me to guess what could be the actual cost price!

All this, probably because I prefer to buy something rather than have something sold to me.

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  1. Pradip - you would have a tough time in the US, had u been here, where the motto is sell sell sell, everybody is trying to sell u stuff, telemarketers are the limit. Then there are daily sales, which are always the last till the next day of course, where the price goes down, down, down, like our famous'guptaji' sales featuring rajastani handlooms.