Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogroll with Blogger

On June 5, Blogger released a long-awaited improvisation that lets you add a page element wherein you keep a record of weblogs and websites that you follow regularly. The announcement is here.

There are quite a few user-friendly features.

1) The entries can be arranged in such a way that the most recently updated ones are on top;

2) There are options to have not just the name of the site (or name of the blogger) but also the headline of the latest entry, a synopsis of the latest entry and the time when it was published;

3) It is linked to the Google Reader, of which I am a great fan. You can import selectively into the blogroll the feeds that you are tracking on Google Reader.

This looks like a good competition to existing feed aggregators like Bloglines (which I have been using) and Blogrolling (which, I find, is quite popular with many bloggers).

I added this yesterday, along with a change in the template.


  1. At last, they have done it! You have got a good template too and thanks for linking me. :)

  2. Latest on top feature is the main attraction. and all those who don't update blogs will get exposed! Pradeep, change in template looks good. don't knw when i will resume blogging. good u ven't given up.

  3. Nice looking blog template, Pradeep.

    Thanks for letting me know you were having difficulty calling up my new blog. I went into the post and corrected the problem and the link should be working now. The URL is dicksworld.wordpress.com.

    There is only one post on it at this point which welcomes everyone to the new site, but that will change soon, probably next week.

    It's always good hearing from you and getting your perspective. I am going to a link to your site on the new site's blogroll.

  4. looks good - but i wonder if you could condense it somehow, the list on the left side?

  5. @Indrani, Raji:- Thanks a lot.

    @Dick:- Thanks, shall check it out....

    @Maddy: - Thanks, the list of the left, the blogroll, can't be adjusted for colour or font; at least I couldn't find it...