Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's now McCain vs Obama

Till now it was a battle between the veteran White woman (Hillary Clinton) and rookie Black man (Barack Obama). The vast contrast made the Democratic primary interesting as never before. Now that Hillary is out, it will be a battle between a White aged, veteran (John McCain) and Black, young, rookie (Barack Obama) -- again the contrast is glaring. There is no fear of this battle getting boring.

The way the candidates involve the media, enables us here in India to follow the election quite closely. In fact, we aren't able to follow our own equally (if not more) vibrant and colourful democratic festival with as much involvement.

Today's New York Times has an insightful article by Oped columnist Frank Rich -- 'One Historic Night, Two Americas'.

An extract:
  • Given the dividing line separating the two Americas of 2008, a ticket uniting Mr. McCain and Hillary Clinton might actually be a better fit than the Obama-Clinton “dream ticket,” despite their differences on the issues. Never was this more evident than Tuesday night, when Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain both completely misread a one-of-a-kind historical moment as they tried to cling to the prerogatives of the 20th century’s old guard.

Read more here.

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