Monday, October 17, 2011

Bangalore Metro Feeder Buses important

It's gladdening to read that Bangalore Metro Rail authorities have tied up with Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) to have as many as 62 feeder bus services plying nearly every 10 to 15 minutes between Metro stations and nearby localities, like bus stations and residential localities.

The success of the highly cost-intensive, eagerly awaited, Metro Rail (Namma Metro, as it has been christened) squarely depends on the last-mile connectivity.

If a person has to take the Metro but he has no way of reaching the nearest Metro station that is say, anywhere from 1 km to 3 km, then he wouldn't be encouraged to travel by the Metro. Instead, defeating the whole purpose of having the Metro, that person in all likelihood, will take his own vehicle.

I am eagerly looking forward to Thursday, Oct 20, when south India's first Metro Rail system will be inaugurated in Bangalore. Good riddance to auto-rickshaws, a universal subject of hatred, thanks to insensitive, arrogant and rude drivers; and badly managed auto-rickshaw unions.

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  1. realy bangalore is on the worldmap namma metro will it realy be our metro .we havetoface traficjams for some more days

  2. Very true, Tintu... Hopefully this is a new beginning and an end to travel woes for the Bangaloreans.