Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our poverty has nothing to do with Mars Mission

To say that the Rs 450 crore spent on Mars Mission (comparatively a small amount) should have been spent on feeding the poor, is mixing up issues. If many Indians are hungry and homeless, if India has poor public infrastructure, it's not because Indian space scientists are doing their job. More


  1. It is wrong priorities. 450 crores may be a small amount but the brain of these scientists wasted on this mission is the crux of the problem. What we gain? Becoming the 4th nation? Why we forget the basic needs of food,cloth,shelter,medicine,education etc.? Misusing of our resources by the selfish politicians for their petty gains.

    1. I appreciate your point. I agree food, clothing, shelter etc are of course are important and should be the top priority. But that doesn't mean we should halt any work in another sector. And, it's not that investment in space is going waste, unlike so many other public expenditure. We are all enjoying the benefits of our investment in space. If we are still poor, it's not because of money spent in space missions, but our politicians and administrators have never given importance to addressing this issue.