Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Blogging From A to Z Challenge - Reflections

I have always believed that blogging is a far better platform to connect with other people, compared to social media. The reason is you bond over topics of similar interest.

On the contrary, on Facebook-like media, it's mostly photos and videos, and random thoughts that are too shallow and bereft of any context or detail. The connections you make over blogs are, therefore, much more substantial.

Many years ago, I was more active on my blog; and via blogs, I made quite a few friends as well. We even had a few bloggers get-together in Bengaluru. I am touch with some of them still.

Though I have been blogging for so many years, I have never taken part in any blogathon or blogging challenge. The only reason was that my hectic work schedule left me just enough to blog once a while. Blogging got relegated in my daily priority list.

The turning point

Needless to say, the itch to blog and blog-hop was getting more and more severe; and I began going back to my good old days of giving more time to blogging and blog-hopping.

Just then, I stumbled on a post of JaishWrites about the 'Blogging A to Z Challenge'. I checked the website. The whole concept of blogging on 26 topics, one for each alphabet, through the month of April, sounded absolutely cool, and I just fell for it. I lost no time in registering for it. I didn't choose a theme, because I didn't want to restrict myself.

With some difficulty, I blogged every single day, and also checked other blogs. I am happy that I did find quite a few blogs of interest. I am yet to fully go through the Master List of participants of this challenge. And I am sure, I will stumble on a few more blogs that I like. Please wait for a post at a later date on my favourite blogs.

How did I choose what to write each day

  • I wanted the topic to be different, not something that was obvious.
  • It was not enough that it was an unusual topic. It should be something I can related to.
  • It should be something on which I can write easily. There wasn't enough time each day to research either.
  • I kept thinking almost through the month on different topics. I wrote on a paper some of them, so that I didn't forget.
  • I selected the best among them.
  • The links to each of the posts can be found here.

What I enjoyed the most

  • Undoubtedly, the sheer of process of thinking of a topic, conceiving the post, writing, editing and publishing it. Two posts I scheduled in advance. Two (on a weekend) I wrote the next day (on Sunday), and pre-dated them, I must confess.
  • Blog-hopping is always good fun, stumbling on interesting posts, that we either just enjoy reading or stir our thoughts. Jotting down comments, reading the reply from blogger.
  • It is so nice to see many blogger dropping by my blog, reading my post and leaving their comments.

What I wish I could do better

  • I wish I had fewer other (official and personal) commitments, so I had more time to blog.
  • I wish I could beautify my posts with photos.
  • I wish I could visit more blogs than I actually did.


  1. Pradeep it was a privilege to meet you through the Challenge - I kept trying to hunt you down on the Master List to return the favour of your visits but it was SUCH a big list! I hope you enjoy my e-book and I've bookmarked your blog to return to visit during the year. I hope you manage to keep up the posts - I'm planning on two a week as my limit :)

    1. Hi Leanne, I think my number on the Master list was 631. I went through your e-book. Very inspirational. Thank you.

  2. It was really nice to read something new on your blog in this challenge. You have summed up this reflection post so nicely. There is always a learning, especially about our own thoughts and feelings and how well our mind can think especially in terms of writing, in this challenge.

    1. Hi Shesha, Thank you. Indeed the Challenge was a learning experience as well.

  3. The topics you choose for your blog are always interesting and informative. I always look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Congrats on making it through. It is a challenge to get it all done.

  5. I liked this post summing up your thoughts on the challenge. I have already subscribed to your blog and hope to read your posts regularly. Thanks

    1. Hi Parthasarathi - Thank you, for your comment. And also for subscribing to my blog posts.

  6. These thoughts are indeed useful for those bloggers who pass through a stage of blog blocks due to lethargy or want of time. Nice tips.

  7. Hi Pradeep - you write well ... and that makes your posts easy to read ... I've put you in my Feedly - so will get your posts. I only blog now about once a week ... and as you know I do the A-Z challenge ... when I have used my Aspects of British C ... a word to fit then I run through the letters to match with subjects - I found that easier.

    Anyway - I know I'll be seeing you around and I agree - blogging is much better than FB or Twitter ... though I'm sure those have their uses.

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hillary, Thanks a lot for your kind words. I have added you to my Feedly as well; and hope to read your posts.

  8. time is the one thing that is lacking I think for most participants. I know I rushed to get post written as I didn't pre-write them like other people.

    I enjoyed reading your various topics, I think it's hard to decide what to write when you don't have a particular theme. I like that you wrote what relates to you as I think people should just write what they know or what they want to explore.

    thanks for your visits, & congrats on finishing the a-z challenge.

    have a lovely day.