Thursday, September 19, 2019

Breaking free of mindset

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Our lives follow a routine largely determined by mindset, is it not? Not quite sure if "habit" is a synonym, but mindset is a set of beliefs or thoughts that guide the way behave. A pattern that has become habitual.

We have preconceived notions not only about ourselves but also about different people, objects, places, issues, events etc around us. These notions decide how we react to them. Owing to our mindset, we behave in a predictable or stereotypical manner.

Since I work late, up to around 1 am, I wake up only by 8 or sometimes even 9. And I found it extremely difficult to go out for a walk or a jog or do some exercises after 9 am because for me, 9 am was sort of an "outer limit". After 9 am means it was "too late". The result was I began to miss my workouts on many days.

I realised that this 9 am fixation is largely an issue of my mindset. Why not go out for a walk or a jog, even if it's past 9 am?

So I went against my mindset, and irrespective of what time I woke up, I decided to go out for a short workout. I shifted the goal post, as it were, and I made myself free till about 11 am before I freshen up and get into some reading or writing or some such stuff.

It's working! And working well!

There are plenty of other examples in our daily lives. If need be, for a good cause, we must be flexible enough to change our mindset, make a course correction, and follow a different path. It might work, it might not. We can always improve upon it.

It's all in the mind, after all.


  1. Hi, I agree that we "think" something is supposed to be a certain way, so we believe it to be correct. Your morning workout is a perfect example, and I've done it myself, many times. I have learned to ask myself, "why not?" and that as helped me broaden my perspective. Thanks for sharing. #MLSTL

  2. Pradeep I didn't realize you worked such late hours! Since I stopped working I've found that I'm getting up later and need to reorganize my daily routine - otherwise I'd just sit around the house eating! Being flexible is the key, not getting stuck in a rut, and reminding ourselves that we can change whatever we like and keep our lives on track. I'm glad you've found time to get that exercise back on track :)
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I've shared on my SM

  3. I've never been good at changing my mindset. It's extremely difficult for me to do.

  4. If you're up until 1, then 9 AM is pretty early. I know from experience...

  5. So true! I'm discovering that very early afternoon is a great time to go lift weights at my health club. So glad you've worked it out!

  6. There is no uniform answer.What works good for you may not work well for others placed in different circumstances like office work,taking kids to school,avoiding the hot weather for walks etc.The mindset is mostly a matter of convenience and a comfortable routine.

  7. Very difficult but not impossible.

  8. Good for you for making it work. It's always hard to keep a fitness regime going when you work long hours. I have a similar problem.


  9. Hi Candi,
    Thanks for dropping by and for the comments. I remember being told by someone long ago, "don't ask why; ask why not." Indeed, that opens up perspectives and options.

    Hi Leanne,
    For people like me in the news section of a newspaper, the deadline for putting together the news, making the pages, and sending them to the press is 1 am. So no escaping that as long I am doing this work.
    You are right, we should try to be as flexible as possible, though that is easier said than done!

    Hi Oneil,
    I can understand that -- changing our mindset isn't easy.

    Hi Liz,
    When I was young, I could cope with a few hours of sleep. But not anymore.

    Hi Darla,
    Yes, I am enjoying the changed routine.

    Hi KP,
    You are right. We settle into a routine we are comfortable with.

    Hi SG,
    "Very difficult but not impossible." Well said.

    Hi Vallypee,
    Yes. The long work hours sort of disrupts the biological clock.

  10. True, we will not be willing come out of the cocoon of habits built by our own mind. Man is a slave of habits. Good read.