Monday, August 15, 2022

India at 75 and looking ahead

Today is the 75th anniversary of India's independence. 

As part of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the celebration of freedom, the government announced the Har Khar Tiranga campaign, an exhortation to all Indians to fly the Tricolour at their homes from August 13 to 15.

It generated a lot of enthusiasm and I could see a number of houses, besides government and private buildings flying the Tricolour. Like countless others, we too joined in, got a flag, and put it up on our balcony.


At 75, we can always look at the pitfalls, the cracks, and various other downsides. They journey hasn't been easy; it wouldn't be either.

However, I would look at it from the other side - the achievements we have made in spite of the enormous challenges during this journey of 75 years. 

I really doubt if there is any other nation in this world that is as diverse as India is -- from climate and languages to dress and food; from seemingly infinite local customs based on religion, caste or sub-caste, to a multitude of regional historical legacies. It's just too mindboggling.

This will be evident to anyone who travels the length and breadth of India -- from south to central to west to north to east of the nation. It's a maze of not just complexities but sometimes even contradictions. 

In this context, look at human endeavour in any segment of life -- be it science and technology, sociology, economics, politics, civil services, armed forces, sports or games -- there are countless stories of triumph over adversities.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in every strata -- be they of any state, gender, religion, caste, creed -- making use of the opportunities that our nation provides them. These opportunities have been stepping stones to better livelihood and lifestyle.

It's this progress that gives me the hope that we will continue to do well; the journey will only get better and better in the years to come.


As we look ahead, in this land of extreme diversity, there are a few features that stand out, and bind us together as one nation: democracy, freedom, unity, constitution, legislature, executive, judiciary, and media.

We have them all in robust health. We need to cherish them, nurture them, because they are the assets on which a nation is built.


  1. Hari om
    the assets you list are sound... I fear somewhat for the reality in India at the moment as to some of them. I surely do wish Mata Bharata all the joy of these 75 and may the next bring genuine unity in her diversity. YAM xx

    1. Hi Yamini - Indeed, the fears are there. They were there before, and I am sure they will be there in the future too. Definitely they are quite valid fears. But like you, I am hopeful. Let's hope everything gets only better in the years to come.

  2. Hi Pradeep - I really need to read more about this time - I can see the advantages ... as you've enumerated. I'm reading (scantily - I'm afraid to say ... too much to take in) William Dalrymple's 'Anarchy' about the East India Company's time in the 1700s - mid 1800s - I need to learn more about India's history. Long many India help its citizens and encourage all cultures - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - Thank you. Like for many countries, India's too is a complex history. More complex because of the country's vastness.

  3. India is a large country, especially in terms of population. It makes sense that there's a lot of diversity. Have a nice Independence Day!

  4. Happy 75th anniversary, India! As you say, Pradeep, it is the most incredibly diverse and complex country, and understandably so. Cherish those systems you have developed that are good and celebrate them!

  5. I was in India on August 15 ,I too had a flag in our home. Saw a lot of flags this year

  6. I am always surprised and glad at how our country has managed to be home to so many people from different cultures. India sure has done something that not many countries have managed to achieve.

  7. It's always amazing to me that independence came so late. I have great respect for people triumphing over adversity. And the enormity of India is mind boggling. I'd like to see even a tiny portion someday. Be well!