Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Paritrana -- party with a difference

I was reading about Paritrana, the political party formed by IITians. There has been quite a bit of of media coverage. No wonder a great initiative. But I don't know how successful they will be in overcoming the inertia the present present in India has gained.

While I write this, the debate on the confidence motion -- that the new chief minister of Karnataka H D Kumaraswamy has sought -- is going on in the Assembly. This debate is a good example of what need not be debated. Sadly our politics is largely, if not fully, made up of such debates. No doubt democracy is also about debating, but definitely not at the cost of action. And, debate important issues that matter to the society and its people.

What Paritrana can definitely achieve is bring about more awareness about the need for a change. There is nothing wrong with our politics; what's wrong is the way politics is managed and conducted. Let's wish Paritrana the best.


  1. cheers to Paritrana....and what was exactly goin on in the assembly???

  2. There is nothing wrong with our politics,Its all about our POLITICIANS.hope Paritrana makes a difference.

  3. Yes,Paritrana can do things.These young mind can definitely prove themselves.Like what Dr.Kalam said, 'I would like to visualize a situation in which the political parties perform in the environment of developmental politics in our country, competing with each other, in putting forth their focused developmental vision through their manifesto,'.Yes,These guys will surely perform a developmental politics.