Saturday, November 27, 2004

The blaring horns

One thing that irritates me as I drive, are the horns of vehicles. For some drivers I think it is just a habit to blow them. I know one guy, who blares it even at 2 am at junctions. For others it could be even some form of sadism.

I am told that it is essential to develop the habit to ensure our safety. It seems we must blow the horn even if it is not essential just to warn other drivers and passers-by about our vehicle. Once when I almost hit a pedestrian, he turned around and shouted: "Doesn't your car have a horn?" I have also realised that on narrower roads it is all the more important to honk.

At traffic light junctions, the honks play an important role of waking up drivers who are dreaming and haven't realised that the light has turned green. I could never make out this simple message, and I used to curse the drivers. I still can't stand the blare, but I at least understand their objective.

In Singapore, and perhaps in many other countries as well, you don't hear the honks. There, blowing the horn means rebuke, I am told.

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  1. yes, honking is one of the ways that drivers express their rage and why driving is so stressful in india. I noticed that even when I was learning to drive, the instructor used to ask me to use the horn all the time - he never taught me that the same purpose of signalling could be done with lights!!!
    we need some laws to regulate this!