Friday, September 23, 2005

Chappell vs Ganguly

A well-planned leak to the press has brought to light Greg Chappell's private email drawing the Cricket Board's attention to the major shortcomings of Sourav Ganguly.

This is the least surprising. That foreign bosses have problems with Indians is a well-known fact. We have been seeing this in today's globalised corporate world. This clash of cultures takes a back seat when the output is to everyone's satisfaction: no complaints in an "end justifies means" scenario.

Indians have their own idea of discipline; but not one that guarantees success, not even a dignified failure. This is where Chappell has had a problem. For him, discipline and commitment come uppermost. But, Ganguly is blinded by arrogance.

It's great that Chappell hasn't submitted himself to imaginary halos around so-called princes. This is a test of Indian Cricket Board's professionalism. Whom will it back: Chappell or Ganguly. It will do itself and the sport a great good if it backs Chappell.


  1. hmm.. v have to make the best team irrespective of prejuidices given to any ones.. those who playes best shall only be in the team..

  2. So you are still around India?? One day I talked about caste with my teacher. He said it doesn't exist leagally, but it doesn't mean that it is over.
    I will work on paper which is about the wall between Israel and Palestine. What do you think about the wall?