Saturday, September 10, 2005

IT honchos mustn't yield

The captains of Bangalore's IT industry have again threatened to boycott the annual IT fair. Reason: the city's failing infrastructure. Last year too they threatened but they buckled under government assurances that things will be set right. Like last year the chief minister has called CEOs for a meeting.

The CEOs should remember a few things:

1. Bangalore hasn't got any better in the last year.

2. The city is getting worse by the day. The day is not far off when the system will totally collapse. It's a really dreadful prospect.

3. The popular feeling (as indicated by conversations with the general public) is that no one (who can do something) is bothered about making the city a better place to live in. The illiterate but popular corporator; the worthless but powerful ministers; the influential but powerless corporate honchos -- all are being clubbed in one bracket. The very sad perception is that all are out there to rape this city.

4. People are fed up, they are just throwing up their arms in benign resignation. The media is making the appropriate noises, but no one else is.

The IT giants have given thousands of youngsters wonderful careers and good life. The companies have also in return gained a lot out of this city. They may not be as powerful as ministers, but they can certainly influence the powerful ministers.

This time the IT honchos shouldn't buckle under government promises. Boycott this prestigious event. That may not solve the problem, but it will be a powerful message. The boycott can't be the end either. They need to follow up, with tougher measures.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more.

  2. totally agree with you here!

    sometimes, some one has to make a stand. And it is time for powerful CEO's who have the option of airing their total dissatisfaction over media to stand up and be counted