Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let’s wish Antony well

That will be the best way to face up to the biggest surprise of the Union cabinet expansion on Tuesday, rather than the cynical, “How long will he last?”

One comment I heard was: We need some one like A K Antony -- who has an indisputably clean image -- in an area like the defence, which has lately been muddied by scandals of kickbacks.

But will someone who is so obsessed with rules be able to tackle the many pushes and pulls of the defence ministry? I would prefer not to jump into any hasty conclusion, because I am hoping for a surprise. (His profile by


  1. I would also like to expect something good out there, but a place like defence is not an easy place for Antony. The establishment is too strong for anyone to poke into even...

  2. I wish him good health.

  3. I only hope he doesn't leave jobs half done because someone calls him a cheat or a liar or corrupt and walks away making life difficult for his bosses in the party. He needs to mature in the field of being accused and defend himself, not by resigning but by sticking there and proving otherwise. I too wish him all the best

  4. No doubt Antony is clean. But we will have to see how he manages to keep the middlemen at bay.