Monday, October 9, 2006

YouTube inks more deals

The internet wave continues to revolutionise the way we live. What YouTube, a video-sharing site on the web, has been achieving over the past 20 months since it became operational is amazing. That technology knows knows no barriers has once again been proved by Chad Hurley, 29, and Steve Chen, 28, two former employees of Pay Pal, who founded YouTube.

Thomas Friedman would have to now update his book, The World is Flat, yet again, because YouTube has made an amateur's video equally accessible around the world as a celebrity's -- the world has got further flattened.

YouTube has 60 employees sharing 10 landline telephones in small offices in downtown San Mateo. Stunned by the popularity of the latest startup, IT giants have been lining up to strike deals with YouTube.

Today, we have news coming in of YouTube signing more deals with various companies, like Universal Music and CBS. Warner Music was among the first to sign a deal with YouTube. Google itself is said to be talks to buy it for $1.6b.

The march of technology is amazing.


  1. You tubes and sites like deserve the popularity. They can make presentations more effective and entertaining.

  2. Now it is announced that YouTube is Googles for 1.65b. Thats a huge sum. And all the best is for getting more and more peoples marketing budget into Googles revenue. I guess this is a probable cause of concern. Any shake in the industry that affects marketing budget of companies will have a rippling effect and it all will have a greater impact on Google?

  3. Hiren,.... Yes, we must encourage. That's how we evolve and redefine ourselves.

    Me,.... I guess, it's a shakeout time. Things haven't yet fallen in places. I am just enamoured by the march of technology. Yes, it has its both sides. And, it's upto us to make the best use of it...

  4. Google has gobbled up YouTube. Monopoly continues. Period.