Monday, November 20, 2006

Newspapers tie up with Yahoo

The print media won't concede defeat. It has always changed with times, by innovating and adapting.

A consortium of seven newspaper chains representing 176 daily papers across the United States is announcing a broad partnership with Yahoo to share content, advertising and technology.

This is another sign that the wary newspaper business is increasingly willing to shake hands with the technology companies they once saw as a threat, says The New York Times.


  1. That's good noews, Pradeep. Maybe one day the mainstream media and bloggers will work in close tandem.

  2. With the internet content business still in conception in India, what do you think Indian media will plan? Wait for the threat or kill it before it comes?

  3. Riyaz:
    Situation in India is a little different mainly because of its diversity. India encompasses within it everything from the richest American city to the poorest African village. So, there are that many options for working out business models. Already many media organisations are working out ways to make sure that they have a business model that will sustain them in the long run.

  4. i have been an avid internet fan for a decade now, but then, whichever country i was in, i read a newspaper everyday. i am yet to come across one person who buys a newspaper daily.. other than me..

    my son listens to audio books or reads off the screen, but i cant enjoy it as much..

    the feel of the paper , not the smell though these days , make it a different experience.

  5. Maddy:

    The news is still relevant, but it's the channels
    that have got diversified. The print has no longer the monopoly. The frame of reference for the new generation is totally different.

    I am sure in the developed world, there must be people who buy the newspaper everyday. The numbers may be very few.

  6. Japan is one among the developed world, where internet is too popular, but paper is still used heavily. Newspapers, magazines (all sorts) books are so much in sales. Any kiosks will have so many magazines and newspapers. Every other hand thats not typing a mail on a mobile phone is flipping through a book when you are in the train.

    Its still too early to call off the importance and popularity of the print media.

  7. I still prefer to read article in news papers...siting on my sofa and with cup of coffee..

  8. Riyaz: It's interesting to note that in Japan paper is still very much used.

    Ekawaaz:I think nothing can susbstitute that; and that precisely will ensure the print will not die away.