Monday, November 13, 2006

Newspapers to sell ads on Google

In a move into the old-fashioned business of ink on paper, Google is going to start selling advertisements that will appear in the print editions of 50 major newspapers.

For Google, the test is an important step to the company’s audacious long-term goal: to build a single computer system through which advertisers can promote their products in any medium. For the newspaper industry, reeling from the loss of both readers and advertisers, this new system offers a curious bargain: the publishers can get much-needed revenue but in doing so they may well make Google — which is already the biggest seller of online advertising — even stronger.

The new system will begin a test with 100 advertisers later this month. Some newspapers see Google’s proposed system as a way to increase sales. More in The New York Times.


  1. Ultimately, commercial considerations matter and money makes the world go around. The Times of India has been accused time and again of looking at commercial interests more than content.

  2. Hiren, holding on to great content without bothering about revenue is unthinkable these days. I somehow, have a fascination for TOI's style of re-writing rules, most of the time quite successfully.

  3. and thatz how you stay in green right? making profits year after year irrespective of any external factors!
    TOI knows and plays the secrets of this game :)

  4. Hiren, Kishor, Deeps....: I hope the reference to TOI here by all three of you is only a coincidence.

    Because the original post has no reference to it. And, the experiement that Google is attempting is restricted to only select papers in the US.

    Indeed, falling revenue and falling circulation are posing a big challenge to newspapers.

    It's no longer good old days, when you print a few sheets of news, people would flock like bees to read what you have printed.

    To survive you need money. All 'isms', 'principles' and and 'theories' have any meaning only if one can survive.

  5. New media giants surrendering their obsessions and retracing their paths to old media is a surprise, it seems they still need more steam to outrun the old experinced horse down. Reminds me of the poem by Robert Frost "...i have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep"...