Thursday, November 9, 2006

Bush’s defeat and Saddam

What was expected to happen in 2004 Presidential election has happened in the 2006 midterm. Instead of George Bush going in 2004, Donald Rumsfeld has gone in 2006.

During the campaign Bush said attacks on US soldiers had gone up because of the polls. Now after the polls, he says: Let the course correction in Iraq policy not be interpreted as a victory for the terrorists. It should instead be attributed to the vibrant democratic process in America.

Since Bush himself had linked attacks to the polls, how can terrorists not claim some credit for the Republican’s defeat?

Just one wild thought here:

Bush is planning an exit policy. But it’s not easy for American troops to get out of Iraq. For that a conducive atmosphere will have to be created. Some understanding with the radicals can’t be ruled out. Will Saddam Hussein’s death sentence be commuted to life imprisonment? Saddam, after his conviction, has been asking people to pardon the United States. Any surprises in store?

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