Monday, July 18, 2011

Japan tour - Day 1

Airlines customise menu for passengers still I was pleasantly surprised to be served idly-vada-sambar in Bangkok-Tokyo Thai Airlines flight.

Very good sevice on board. Don't know if it should go to the credit of the pilot, the landings at Bangkok and Narita, Tokyo, were smooth. Smooth as silk as the ad goes. If you weren't looking out of window, you wouldn't know you landed!

I thought I would read during the Bangkok-Tokyo leg of the flight but quite deprived of sleep, I could hardly keep my eyes open. Reached Bangkok at 6 am local time and at Tokyo at 4 pm.

Like airports of any big city, Narita overwhelms you by its sheer size. It's about 70 km from Tokyo.

The taxi drive on 6-lane track was done in less than an hour. The lush greenery closer to Narita is replaced gradually by giant concrete structures closer to Tokyo.

The many flyovers, total absence of any garbage or even litter on the streets, noiseless, orderly traffic... What a world of difference!

Saw a bit of Tokyo by night as we walked from hotel to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Roppongi is a youth hangout and has a vibrant night life.

If you are a strict vegetarian, Japanese menu can be very difficult. Though I prefer vegetarian ended up having non-vegetarian here. Interestingly, many things we consider non-veg passes off as veg here.

I was asked today, how many Indians don't have egg but are ok with milk and other dairy products though they are all animal products! So it's all about perception and mindset.

Looking forward to the big Google 'mobile revolution' event tomorrow.

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