Sunday, December 22, 2019

Australia tour - Part 4

Saturday, December 21

It was hotter than previous days, around 37 degree. That didn't stop us from going on a walk.

Headed to Blackwattle Bay in the morning. The park there is such a beautiful, quiet place.

Interesting to know that it was named Blackwattle in 1788 after the Black Wattle tree that was used for construction of houses. We walked along the Glebe Foreshore Walk. The photos show the view from the Walk. 

Since it's an off-leash area, it was nice to see  many dogs having fun running around the area or going in for a dip in the water. 

From there we walked to Broadway Mall. Took about 20 odd minutes. Was quite tired, thanks to the heat. Had lunch. Then did some shopping at K Mart and Target.

Then, we went to a flea market nearby. Picked up some things from there too.

Had some juice and took a bus back home.

Around 6.15 pm, left for the Sydney domestic airport for our flight to Melbourne at 8.40 pm. 

After we cleared the security and reached the gate, saw an alert from Google Assistant that the flight has been delayed to 9.30 pm. At 8.55 pm, I got an email that the flight has been further delayed to 10.05 pm.

The delay was owing to gusty winds and the bush fire smoke that they carried over the airport areas. Thankfully there was  no more delay and we landed in Melbourne at 10 minutes to midnight. 

(To be continued)


  1. Hi Pradeep - better to be safe than sorry ... delays are a nuisance. Take care and have a joyful festive time - cheers Hilary

  2. You did better than I would in that heat.