Monday, December 23, 2019

Australia tour - Part 5

Sunday, December 22

Unbelievable cold in the morning. Melbourne is known for highly fluctuating temperatures. But a wintry chill and cold wind with temperature hovering over around 15 is not at all what I expected today morning around 10, especially after I was told that it was around 44 degrees a couple of days ago.

My family, along with my friend, a university professor, went to Albert Park and Lake around 10 am. The track around the lake is where the Grand Prix is held. We walked around the nearly 5 km walkway around the lake, which has many black swans.

There were two of them, who put up a synchronized swim very close to the walkway, for the camera as it were.

The grassy wetlands is home to nearly 200 bird species, both resident and transient.

The original inhabitants of the place were the Wurundjeri people, who lived here nearly 40,000 years prior to the European settlers.

In the evening we went to South Wharf, a suburb just two km from the CBD. To one side is the Yarra River, apparently developed to rival The Thames of London.

Some of the big landmarks here are the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Melbourne Maritime Museum and a sailing ship Polly Woodside built in 1885.

On the banks of Yarra River is the Crown a sprawling entertainment complex. It's spread over 5,10,000 Sq metres, has three hotels, spas, casino (which reminded me of Las Vegas), bars and restaurants. 

We had dinner at one of the restaurants in South Wharf and retired for home around 10.30 pm.

(To be continued) 


  1. Hi Pradeep - sounds like you're seeing quite a lot of the sights; the bridge is very 'pretty' - while the two swans are just delightful ... wonderful memories for you - cheers and a very happy Christmas ... Hilary

  2. Lots of sights off the water. That's my kind of trip :)

  3. Good you have someone to take you around the interesting places.
    The longer your tour, the merrier I am to get the feel of the country. Thanks