Saturday, January 28, 2006

Avoidable crisis

Sonia Gandhi should be wiser after the Buta Singh fiasco. Looks she's not. Why she isn't asking Dharam Singh to resign is a mystery. She herself had declined to be the PM and won huge goodwill a couple of years back. Recently, Rahul Gandhi -- in a speech reminiscent of the one that his father Rajiv Gandhi delivered in Mumbai in the early '80s -- had spoken of the need for politicians to adhere to good code of conduct, a commitment to serve the  society etc etc.
Statements like "we will go down fighting", "JD(S)-BJP combine won't be able to snatch the government from us so easily" coming from Congress leaders sound nice, but they hardly lend any credit to the politicians or the party or to our democracy.
There were knotty issues, political and constitutional. But clear as crystal during the nearly 10 hours of Assembly session telecast live was the incompetence of the lawmakers to resolve issues and a sickening enthusiasm to obstruct any way forward. It's not always we see politicians at work. And, when we do --  like we did yesterday -- a mixture of shock, bewilderment, shame and helplessness overtakes us.
A system is only as a good as the people who run it. Democracy is only as good as its politicians. Yet, the silverlining is that we are progressing as a country despite politicians. That progress, though, is at a snail's pace because of politicians.

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