Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tiredness - a state of the mind?

I guess so. Because, there have been days when I didn't sit for minute, ran around the place, did one thing or the other; but felt hardly tired at the end of it all. Of course, I was enjoying all that I had been doing. It led me to think of the adage: "It's all in the mind."
What about the perception of others?
There have been occasions when my friends, colleagues, have told me: "You look tired", when actually I wasn't feeling so! Conversely, there have also been times, when I was depressed, but my looks didn't seem to say so!
Are there two distinct states of being: physical and mental; often one not reflecting the state of the other? The inner self and the outer self?
Are appearances indeed deceptive? Always? Often? Sometimes? Very rarely?


  1. For me "Most of the times" Appearances are deceptive.

  2. I'd agree with that- apprearances are usually deceptive

  3. A little off topic here.

    Yesterday I saw this report in the TOI.
    All dressed up and nowhere to go. The Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore,which had set-up an overseas campus ....

    Why can't TOI just report news other newspapers? Why the gleeful All dressed up and nowhere to go?

  4. Silverine, the point is well taken. I don't think the expression is "gleeful". The reason the report began in such a manner is the context. IIM-B has been vociferously pitching for going abroad. I still think "All dressed up and nowhere to go" metaphorically summarised the state of IIM-B, though, I agree, the report would been complete without that.

    Different news organisations have their own way of putting across facts, reports of events. Some media prefer a matter-of-fact style, some more colourful, the remaining somewhere in between. Remember, in none of these methods of rendering, there's distortion of fact. There isn't anything like "this way is right" and "that way is wrong". It's the preference of a publication to adopt a style, just like the preference of a reader to a particular style. It doesn't mean anything more, either for the publication or for the reader. I guess that answers your query: Why can't TOI just report news (like) other newspapers?

  5. When someone says you look tired, may be you are physically tired, not mentally. If you are not mentally tired, you can overcome physical tiredness, but it doesnt usually work the other way.
    Everything is in the mind.