Friday, January 6, 2006

Missed evenings

Six days into the New Year. Perhaps the only thing we need to adapt to immediately is writing 06 instead of 05 in the date. Make sure you are careful especially while writing cheques.
One thing journalists like me miss out on is the fun of evenings. While last New Year eve I was on leave, not this time. I completely missed the cultural evening organised by the residents of the apartment complex I live in. I just managed to sneak in some half and hour before midnight to ring in the new year.
One consolation is that journalists are not the only ones. Many people, whose services are taken for granted, slog it out when others have fun. Until the BPO industry sprouted here, no one really thought there are a lot of people who work late into the evening, even if not overnight. Some of them are: aircraft pilots, train and bus drivers, doctors, nurses, factory employees, fire service personnel, security guards. Still, when the issue of working at late hours crops up, people think only of BPO employees.
During a train journey, when we wake up in the morning, how many of us spare a moment's thought for the driver, guard and others who were doing their work when we were sleeping?


  1. YEs SIr, most of journalist donot get time in evening, and on New Year celebration they should take leave.

    som kumar

  2. I always use to think of the policemen and other people in essential services who have got to work even on festival days - must be tough on their families too right?

  3. Well said. In fact I have always wondered about train drivers who keep to the right track whilst we sleep.Hats off to the graveyard shift workers.

  4. Very true,BPO is only a new addition to the list,for there are so many out there who slog round the clock at times,Police,docters,Those night shift MCH workers who work in the nights so that the traffic is not disturbed in the mornings,hats off to them all.