Friday, January 20, 2006

Who am I?

The cellphone rings. The number is not familiar. I pick up the call.

"Hello, This is Pradeep here."

Even while I introduce myself, the voice at the other end says, "Rajubhai hai?" (Is Rajubhai around?)

Since I think he didn't hear me, I repeat."This is Pradeep, here."

But he is persistent."Rajubhai hai?"

I switch language. "Main Pradeep bol raha hoon." (This is Pradeep, here)

No use.

He: "Rajubhai hai?

Me: "Kaun? Rajubhai?" (Who? Rajubhai?)

He: "Ha, Rajubhai hai?" (Yes, is Rajubhai there?)

Me: "Nain, ithar koi Rajubhai nahin hai." (No, there is no Rajubhai here.)

He: "Hoga yaar..." (He should be there...)

Me: "Yahaa.. ? Kahaa...? (Here? where?)

He: "Wahan.. workshop mein." (There in the workshop.)

Me: "Yeh workshop nahin hai." (This is not a workshop)

He: "Rajubhai hoga workshop mein." (Rajubhai will be at the workshop.)

Me: "Lekin, muche koi Rajubhai ko jantha nahin." (But, I don't know any Rajubhai.)

He: "Zara puch lo na..." (Just ask around.)

Me: "Kahan..." (Where?)

He: "Workshop mein abhi aya hoga..." (He would have come to the workshop now.)

Me: "Idhar kuch workshop nahin hai... Mein office me hoon..." (There is no workshop here. I am in the office.)

He: "Workshop tho office ke baaju mein hein na..." (Workshop is just beside the office, is it not...)

Me: "Wrong number."

He: "Achha, theek hai." (Okay.)

He cuts the line. No apologies, no, nothing. Must be just another call, another day for him.

I wondered how long I could have carried on that conversation!


  1. hahahahahah....classic!
    First they call the wrong number and then confuse you completely. If you had carried on much longer, you may have been convinced to get rajubhai's correct number or trace him down and put him on the line!

  2. You sure have a lot of patience to go on with him:) i would have blasted the guy outrightly.he sure confused you.Did you try to find ifthere is any Rajubhai there:D

  3. haha! enlightening :D

  4. LOL, perhaps the funniest article I have read from your pen. Really had a hearty laugh :)

  5. Raju bhai ka kamaal tho dekho