Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gowda is out -- good riddance

It very much looks like Deve Gowda is out of the political scene. Good. He was one single reason for lack of any governance in Karnataka. He spoke and acted like an opposition leader, when he was in power. In fact the CM was at his beck and call. He used power just for himself, instead of doing something for the people. He did nothing, not even for the villages he so earnestly patronised.
I doubt if a new government can get worse than what we had. Dharam had sunk to very low depths. The power-sharing agreement between BJP and JD(S) group makes much better sense than the arrangement Gowda had engineered for the Dharam government.
A big blow to Sonia. Loss of S M Krishna itself was. But somehow Congress managed to stay on in an unholy dysfunctional alliance. That too is gone, almost.
BJP, though, is now very much like any other party, has always been more pro-active in governance than others. This will be their first taste of power in Karnataka. An opportunity for BJP, one they will capitalise on to prove their credentials and justify their claims that they are the right people to fill the political void the state, Bangalore especially, has suffered from.
Gowda neither did anything nor let Congress do anything. I only hope that won't be case again. Rather there will be an internal competition between BJP and JD(S) group to show who is better.


  1. What goes around comes around. Gowda got a taste of his own medicine. Karnataka is the goose that lays the golden egg. And the fight for the goose has begun.

  2. exactly, that man forgot he was in power and was talking like the opposition at all times - I think if he doesnt sit ina chair that man things he has to criticise!! serves him right!! dug his own doom. Now the humble farmer can go and farm in his ooru.