Monday, December 13, 2004

Stupid questions

This afternoon I had been to the Barton Centre. As I was coming down from the seventh floor, I overheard this converstion between two girls in the lift.

"What questions they asked, yaar..."

"Yeaa... I can understand if they had asked something on customer care, how to take care of the customers' questions ..."

"... or even regarding Citibank... I would have got full marks..."

"What was that.... that footballer who died on the field...."

"Who will know yaaar...."

"Why should they ask all these...."

"Yea.... that Indian woman who went to space and died before coming back to earth...."

"Really stupid questions..."

By then the lift reached the ground floor. Obviously they had attended an interview or test for call centre executives for Citibank. It's no wonder they asked those questions. But it's amazing that some people just don't know about people, who have been in news (coincidentally here after their death) and splashed on newspapers and TV for days on end.

1 comment:

  1. May be they need only that kind of "stupid" people for the job in these places???