Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Technology pangs

A boy of a posh Delhi school shoots on video sexually explicit pictures with a girl-classmate. He sends to a few friends, more as an evidence of his bravado. It later lands up with a IIT student in Kharagpur, in the Delhi market and later on an auction site. All hell breaks loose. The portal Baazee.com is also in trouble, though they say for no reason.

One, this needs to seen more as birth-pangs of technology, than anything else. It should be remembered that it is difficult to send this two-and-a-half minute clip on mobiles. It is a very high-end operation. Let us not get into this impression that such incidents are going to be rampant.

Secondly, and more importantly, we should come to terms with today's information revolution. Shooting of such photos is one thing which should be dealt with separately. The other thing is the availability of such material on mobiles and internet. There are plenty of wallpapers and the like of similar content available for download. There should also a relook on the hauling up of Baazee. There are plenty of porn stuff available for purchase on the net.

Why pick on Internet when similar stuff is available in print and video all over. The unique nature of Internet needs to recognised, especially with regard to the freedom to post information and access them too. That's an advantage, which no mass medium has. India's IT Acts too need to be looked at from this angle.

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