Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Time's Blog of the Year

Time magazine announces every year "The Person of the Year". This year it also announced "The Blog of the Year". It has gone to Power Line. This is one blog that is trying to challenge the established media like print, radio and TV.

It was Power Line that ended the journalistic career of the celebrated CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather -- who is seen as a survivor of the higest order, having lasted a record 24 years despite repeated attempts to unseat him by people inside and outside CBS.

But one story of Rather -- during the Presidential campaign, -- that questioned Bush's National Guard service during Vietnam war, has proved to be his Nemesis. It was Power Line that reported that some of the documents Rather used to base his story were dubious. It soon snowballed into a controversy.

Yesterday (Tuesday), CBS television and Dan Rather
announced that the anchor will leave CBS on March 9 . That will be 24 years to the day he succeeded the avuncular Walter Cronkite in CBS's anchor chair.

"It's time to move on ... It has been and remains an honor to be welcomed into your home each evening," Rather told viewers of his newscast on Tuesday night. "I thank you for the trust you've given me."

Of course, neither CBS nor Rather say his departure is related to the scandal.

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