Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Two lives gone: their Time had come

On Saturday, the 18th, we had this tragic incident of a student of Mount Carmel College being run over and killed on the spot by a truck. It happened as she was crossing the road right outside the college. The incident has focussed attention on the chaotic traffic in Bangalore and the need for regulation that is badly lacking in the city, be it traffic or education or construction of buildings.

Pondering over the tragedy, I realise how each one on Earth has a Time allotted. When the Time comes we go. Whatever we may be doing. It may sound fatalistic. But what else? I was just seeing the multitude of people and vehicles on the road. Life is no normal, is it not?

Just that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A life gone. For, the Time had come.

Today evening, I heard of another incident. Four boys and four girls of a city college went for a picnic to a place called Chunchi Falls some 120 km from Bangalore. On the top of the hill, one of them slipped and fell down. The place was so remote the others couldn't even call Bangalore for help immediately, even though chances of any rescue were so remote. The place was such that even divers refused to go in, instead they went to the other end, hoping the body will surface there. It did after two days.

He is from Kolkata. His elder sister is mentally challenged, and the family was pinning hopes on this boy. And, he was living up to their expectations -- he was good at studies and among the toppers. His teacher was telling me, he was not the type you expect would get into trouble. She was explaining the complications after the incident, since the police wouldn't rule out that it wasn't an accident. How do we know they weren't drunk? How do we know they didn't have a quarrel and he was pushed? All sorts of questions. And, the worst: why four boys and four girls should go to such a remote place? And the police had to be paid, so that all unnecessary, but very plausible (according to them), angles are not opened and investigated.

And, life goes on doesn't it?

Just that he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Another life gone. For, the Time had come.

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