Wednesday, June 8, 2005

After Advani...

Strategies are inherent not just to military but raw politics as well. Looking back, Advani's statement that Jinnah was secular seems to have been a well thought out move jointly crafted by he and Vajpayee. Why? Just give it back to the Hindu hardliners, who have been hounding both these senior leaders.

Noticed, how only Vajpayee was there to support him?

It was Advani's decision to be a guest in Musharraf's Pakistan that was more remarkable that anything else. He is (rather was) such a Pakistan basher. That may be one reason he never visited Pakistan when he was in power. Moreover, he had wrecked the Agra summit.

Now, out of power, he decided to visit the country of his birth. A guest lavishing praise on a host is a very normal thing. So, Advani lauding Jinnah or Musharraf or anyone in Pakistan is no big deal. That was why I thought Advani's praise of Jinnah was "just one of those" statements.

Advani is veteran politician, who has seen it all. He will never say or do anything without adequately pondering over the results. Did Advani foresee that his statement on Jinnah would provoke radicals back home? It seems he did. Now the whole thing has come to a head. I think we have seen the last of Advani (and Vajpayee too) in politics.

The parliamentary party has asked him to reconsider his decision. I don't think he will.

Now, BJP faces its toughest challenge. Survival. Not as a party. But as a party acceptable to the world. A party worthy of contesting elections. A party with credentials to rule the country.

The hardliners have now put the onus on the second-rung leaders. We don't need gangsters in the guise of political leaders. Hope BJP doesn't swing back to Hindutva and Pakistan bashing. That would do no one good.

We need statesmen. Not frogs in the well, but visionaries who can see the world in perspective and chart out the role India can play.


  1. I still wonder why Advani chose an ignonimous way out?

  2. i am not sure whether Advani had it entirely planned out!. Even if he had, no reason for him to group with Vajpayee. The latter is truly a spent force and Advani so far had been the unquestionable leader to succeed vajpayee. Why would he chose to make some arbit comments and thus give an opening to of all people Joshi?
    On the other hand, i quite enjoy seeing famed "disciplin" of BJP and Sangh Parivar crumble everyday. May be it gives us some lessons; any extremist party by definition has to remain small. as soon as they become big they crumble!. if thats the case i wouldnt mind the commies also getting bigger before crumbling!