Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bangladesh beat Australia

Cricket-Bangladesh beat Australia by five wickets
By Tony Lawrence 4 minutes ago
CARDIFF, June 18 (Reuters) - Bangladesh beat Australia by five wickets on Saturday in a one-day triangular series match.

Scores: Australia 249 for five in 50 overs. Bangladesh 250 for five in 49.2 overs.

This is just unbelievable, and that too against Australia. The way Bangladesh was playing against England was so atrocious, I lost all interest in following it. In one report, Ted Corbett, writing in The Hindu, even compared the Bangladesh team to an amateur school team.

So, was the victory a fluke or fixed? Or am I being uncharitable to a hardworking new comer? Let me see what Corbett will write tomorrow.


  1. Well let's look at this situation calmly. And after thinking about this calmly for one whole second I have come to this conclusion. The entire Australian team had a severe bout of Diarhoea!!! And of course the poor things spent a better part of the previous night in the loo. This exhausted the aussies which is why they could not run leave alone hold a bat the next day. Of course the food poisoning was engineered by the Bangladesh team in a brilliant tactical move !!!

    And that's how Bangaldesh won the match, fair and square :))

  2. Pradeep, cricket or any game for that matter is a great leveller. The Aussies had a long hiatus and they were rusty alright and the Bangladeshis played great and deserved to win