Friday, June 24, 2005

Newspaper cuttings

Spring-cleaning not only gets the junk out of our house but also provides us an opportunity to travel back in time. Today I spent a couple of hours doing just that.

Among the things that I treasure are clippings from newspapers and magazines. I have a whole lot of them. Reading newspapers and listening to radio was once a past time, an obsessive one. But now, being in the mass communication profession, it has become a part of my job.

The habit of cutting out articles and news items sprang out of my interest in news/current affairs, and thereby in newspapers and radio. I also have cassettes in which I have recorded BBC newsreports of memorable events. I still keep cutting articles; I am struggling to put them in some order.

A few newspapers I that went through with nostalgia were the ones of Oct 31, 1984 and of a few days after that. That was the day Indira Gandhi was assassinated. She was the prime minister when I was in school and college. My first memories of her are of the Emergency. Incidentally, tomorrow, it will be 30 years since that day. More about that tomorrow...

The Oct 31, 1984 paper that is with me is already near-yellow, bleached. I have carefully wrapped it in a plastic bag and tucked away deep inside the cupboard so that light won't fall on it bleaching it further.

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  1. This looks like an interesting hobby :). Its amazing if you can maintain and preserve these clippings and articles for this long a period.