Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bangalore thru Mumbai eyes

We crib, curse, swear... and what not, about the pathetic state of Bangalore roads. And, look at what Mumbai's mayor, who was on a visit to Bangalore, went back and told a press conference in Mumbai yesterday.

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** On a day-long trip to Bangalore, Mayor Datta Dalvi kept his eyes peeled, scanning the tree-lined roads everywhere he went. ''No plastic garbage,'' he said on Wednesday, speaking at a press conference at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation headquarters.

** The Bangalore municipality, he explained, had shredded several thousand tonnes of plastic and added it to bitumen meant for road-laying. Nearly 20 km of roads in the southern city had now been subjected to the successful experiment, the Sena corporator added. The National Highways Authority of India and the Central Road Research Institute have also backed the Bangalore project.

** "Every day, Mumbai produces nearly 8,000 tonnes of garbage. And handling plastic garbage is the biggest challenge,'' he said.

** The Bangalore-based plastic waste management company has been asked to draft a similar proposal for Mumbai, which will also tie in with the ban against plastic bags below 20 microns in thickness.


  1. So at least there is something good happening in Bangalore with respect to its roads :)

  2. I am against plastics anyway. And wouldn't mind if they were banned all together except for the plastics used to make essential commodities.
    And the pioneers who developed this innovative use of shredded plastic must be applauded for removing this ugly 'cream' of urban life from our midst.

    p.s. the Mumbai Mayor must have been taken on a conducted tour of Bangalore on the only motorable portions of Bangalore roads.