Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is not just the greatest cyclist the world has seen, his life is one the rare success stories. Today he won the Tour de France for the seventh time in a row. We wouldn't see him cycling again, for he has called it a day.

In 1996 October, after he was ranked Number one cyclist in the world, he was diagnosed with cancer, which spread to various organs of his body. He was put on chemotherapy with doctors giving him less than 50 per cent of survival. He fought his way out, successfully, picked up his cycle again, and rode his way to immortality.

An amazing inspirational story really worth reading.


  1. Its amazing what Armstrong has achieved in life, really the success he achieved after his tryst with cancer is inspirational.

  2. I was quite amazed how Indian newspapers suddenly discovered Lance Armstrong and cycling. Never heard of him before!