Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rich poor Bangalore

We Bangaloreans are through with Singapore. Now the city will begin to look like Shanghai, or that's what some minister says. Comprehensive Development Plan 2005, Metro Rail, International Airport... what not...

Every time I am violently shaken my through some of the craters that are also called roads, I wonder what is dream what is reality.

We can't get a few stretches of road tarred in time. What are then we talking about?

World's most IT companies have an office in Bangalore. Rs 1-crore houses are not unheard of. Monthly rent of Rs 50,000 plus is becoming common. A plant sapling that used to cost Rs 10 is quoted at Rs 85. (That woman who was selling it off Marthahalli on way to IT Park, could have rounded it off Rs 100!) Bangalore is a rich city, how much ever poor we are. Private companies are minting money. The government is earning crores by way of taxes. Where is it all going? A big scam here? I am sure, there is.


  1. Hello Pradeep Sir,
    sorry havent been to ur blog for a while , was just busy with work..
    Yeah even i wonder the same.. the construction of the flyovers has just stopped... Y ? coz lack of funds.. common the govt provides enough money for all this and they say no funds.. thats absolutely crazy..the Airport rd flyover, bannerghatta rd flyover. Crazy Scams .. neither the less even MNC's have lot of politics...

  2. Agree with everything. But whatever be the reason, I prefer bangalore to US..!! :)

  3. Yes Bangalore is the Milch cow for the IT Majors and the Govt, both State and Centre. What is sad is that the benefits are not percolating to other parts of Karnataka or towards Bangalore infrastructure.