Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Sensible people

The infamous burning of Sabarmati Express triggered the Gujarat riots in Feb 2002. But after that, though there have been terror attacks, that too on religous places, we haven't had riots.

There was a suicide terrorist attack on Akshardham temple in Gujarat itself in September 2002. 47 people also died in that. But people stayed calm.

In November 2002, there was an attack on Raghunath Temple in Jammu. People stayed calm.

Yesterday, the controversial makeshift temple at Ayodhya was attacked similarly. But again life went on normally, not just in the temple town but across the country. As many commentators pointed out, people seem to be much wiser than the politicians.

Have we seen the last of the riots?

By indulging in all sorts of indiscrete statements, the politicians are only helping the terrorists. What must happens is, God forbid, but whenever there is such an attack, at least in public, the politicians should close ranks, and let life go on as normal.

Today it was painful to see radical Hindu protesters damaging public property in protest against the attack. But how that betters the situation is incomprehensible. On the contrary, the more the post-attack mayhem the bigger the victory for the terrorists. Are our politicians sensible enough to make out that?

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  1. I hope they do. Courage and hope are needed in the presence of terror.