Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today's STOI carries a good Mind over Matter article on why and how we should Stop Making Excuses. Interestingly a couple of days back, AP put out a news item on how because of new distractions procrastination is getting worse. Psychologist William Knoss says people spend more time in delaying than to do the actual work.

On a daily basis, we keep making excuses either to postpone an activity, or in defence of a mistake. A number of these excuses are "finding faults with others" types. It's quite a negative approach to life.

The article also led to me think, what's the difference between "excuse" and "reason". An excuse is a personal, superficial defensive shield to escape repercussions, while reason is a logical, justifiable, credible explanation.

Most often people and events around us are not under our control. On the contrary, full control of oneself is possible. And that will, to a great extent, obviate the shortcomings of our surroundings. There won't be need for excuses.

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