Monday, January 15, 2007

Washington Post holds bloggers meet

Washington Post on January 9 hosted a meeting of bloggers; perhaps the first of its kind*. Only 100 attended, though anybody who has "a blog about DC" was invited.

The Post's Marc Fisher reported: "This was a chance for all sorts of local bloggers to hear from Post news executives about how the paper is not equipped to cover the micro-local events and issues that bloggers specialize in, and to explore ways in which the paper, its website and bloggers can collaborate, at least by referring readers to one another's work."

Company executives talked about sharing revenues with local bloggers from ads sold by the Post's sales staff, which must be exponentially bigger and effective than any bloggers' effort. The meet-up, coincidentally, came just a few days after Backfence, a local news/blog-like effort co-founded by an online veteran announced a staff cutback and reorganization.

Just an indication of how the mass media landscape is changing.

* Update following Dinakaran's comment: ... perhaps the first of its kind organised by a media organisation.


  1. I think this was not the first bloggers' meet. There have been several meets. Last year there was one in Chennai.

  2. -- Dinakaran:
    I meant one organised by a newspaper... Of course bloggers themselves have got together in many cities, even here in Bangalore...