Sunday, January 7, 2007

News on FM channels on radio

Why government has not allowed news on private radio channels, when it allowed news on private TV channels more than 10 years back, is still a puzzle to me. There could be only reason: fear of negative publicity. But that can’t be, since the reach and potential of TV images on private channels is much more than private FM channels. Only on government’s FM channel, Rainbow, and on its MW and SW channels do we get to hear news.

Some change of mind seems to be on the way. Yesterday, All India Radio’s director-general
Brijeshwar Singh said in Kolkata that the Broadcast Bill to be tabled in Parliament next session might contain a provision to allow news on private FM channels. This, when it happens, will add a new dimension to dissemination of news, which already has got widely diversified.


  1. One possible explanation .....Radio operation can be cheaper when compared to TV. Hence the possibility of more players in the market. More players , more variety, and more unexpected hard hitting news. More headaches for government. Hence the reluctance to open up radio?? Just a thought

  2. Pradeep, good to know that private channels will be allowed to broadcast news as well.

    [rant]But the question that really bothers me is why do we end up with government control over everything. You can watch only government approved channels, listen only to government approved radio channels, visit only government approved website (remember the blanket ban on blogspot sometime back?) etc etc. Why can't we have a society that is more open to more tolerant to personal choice.[/rant]

    One More Reason, not sure if that is the reason because FM channels need to buy spectrum and (I think) license to operate too. It ain't cheap enough for most people to start their own channel.

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  4. Yes Pradeep,
    We, in the Public Relations profession, are also waiting the News on Private FM Radio channels. Hope they will understand the public feelings and requirement in general. Rgds,
    Narvijay Yadav