Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in focus

I am not one who watches reality shows. But here I am going over one video clip after another featuring Shilpa Shetty and her housemates in Celebrity Big Brother show on Channel 4. It just goes to show how much the controversy has helped the channels and the programme!

This is not a show where participants are expected to be boring, diplomatic, staid, insipid, etc. Such programmes are centred around emotions, much like soap operas. I am sure, when Shilpa agreed to participate she must have definitely expected to be cornered out there, though it's doubtful if she foresaw the intensity of it.

This is a reality show, where participants show off their real colour. So, we all got to see to see some real, but bitter, truths. Are Shilpa's housemates representative of British society? I hope not.

Every game has rules and there are limits to which they can be stretched. How much ever real this show is, how much ever they have been under pressure to make it exciting, I doubt if one could go this far. The words used, though in poor taste, came across as much more disgusting and nasty because of the context in which they were used.

Participants know that they are in a nasty, mean game, to that extent they'd be taking it their stride, they have no choice. How ironic then that all this dirt is doing a world of good for Shilpa and Channel 4.


  1. I had an inkling that Shilpa will have a tough time there, but I never thought it will blow up into such a controversy.
    It's almost like the Bodyline series. Even the Governments are involved!

  2. Shilpa had no work, and soon she will be flooded with offers...nice marketing blitz!

  3. -- Dinakaran,
    The parallel you make with Bodylines series controversy is very true. But now news is just coming in Shilpa backtracking and saying the comments of Jade were not racial!

    -- Kishor,
    O, yes, what she couldn't achieve in so many film, she has in one night...

  4. My thoughts exactly.

    I doubt if celebrities of any country will actually be able to represent their socities. Like for example, will a Salman be able to define or represent Indians or Indian society anywhere else? ;)

  5. likewise...i hope shilpa isn't representative either, of Indian society or Britsh society (whatever both might be..)

    but is this really racism? or is it an asian discriminating another asian? or is it mere showtime bullying?