Thursday, July 5, 2007

Airavath comfort

Any service by government is presumed bad compared to private organisations. But there are so many exceptions that one wonders if those assumptions hold good.

Welcome to Airavath, air conditioned semisleeper Volvo bus of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. As I head for Thiruvananthapuram (to attend the alumni meet of the Sainik School, Kazhakootam) in an Airavath, I can say comfort level here is as good as if not better than in some private buses.

Bus looks majestic, bathed in spotless white with a dash of light red thrown in with restraint.

Inside it's cool comfort. The conductor welcomes passengers, gives them mineral water and freshening wet tissues specially packaged for KSRTC.

The luggage racks overhead are sufficiently broad, ambience inside soothingly dim, enough leg space for passengers. At the back of each seat is a copy of Travellers Choice, the house journal of KSRTC.

This isn't to imply you won't find such private buses. Government buses aren't bad.

Had dinner at Kuruparapalli. Movie Khiladi is playing ...


  1. Welcome back to India. And hope you will enjoy good rains in Kerala.

    In Dallas too its raining now

  2. KSRTC is better than most private transporters these days. Efficient staff and discipline, have been their hallmark of success in the last few years.