Monday, July 23, 2007

Cricket in China

Guess what Rashid Khan.1, the former Pakistan cricket allrounder, has been doing. He has been coaching a cricket team, of all places, in China! That he should be effusive about the talent he is grooming is only natural. But what must not be missed here is the possibility of the emergence of China as an ICC-recognised cricket team.

"Realistically speaking China is a viable commercial growth market (for cricket)... in the next 10 years," Reuters quotes Khan as saying. "The ICC sees China as a key country for the growth of cricket. Its delegates frequently visit China and are assisting the Chinese Cricket Association in establishing more facilities," says the report.2

Sports is big money, and cricket is no exception. Why China's entry is striking is because the so-called Communist nation has seen money in this game..3

Cricket in China is not new: the first recorded match was in 1858. Communist Revolution of 1949 eclipsed the game until Deng Xiaoping opened up the state to the world in 1970s. And by late 1990s, six-a-side international matches were being organised, with representations from Australia..4

One needs to admire China's resoluteness to achieve a goal: and given that attribute, it shouldn't be a surprise if we see a Chinese team playing a Test match or One-day international before long.

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is among the richest sports organisations in the world. But how much of that is translating into developing cricket across the country?

Today, the Indian team had to thank rain for saving it from a defeat in the Lord's Test match..5

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  1. Hey pradip - In Florida, we played some cricket and there were many clubs what with the many west indians and indians around. But i was surprised early this week when visiting Washington DC, there is an open area next to Jefferson memorial where there are many baseball pitches. The guide said that a lot of amateuer cricket is also played on that ground!!

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  3. "Let China sleep for when she awakes, she will shake the world" - Napoleon Bonaparte.

    I don't think he was thinking about the Chinese cricket team, but I think that this quote will be equally valid for them as well.

    Nice post