Saturday, July 7, 2007


The clock up the tower struck 5 in the evening. A round of applause filled the air. The sense of accomplishment was real. This was the way we -- the 1982 batch of Sainik School, Kazhakootam -- said THANK YOU to our beloved teachers. The clock tower is called 'Gurudakshina Tower'.

When the school was built, the clock tower was very much planned. During these 40 years it remained incomplete as many other infrastructural priorities vied for and won attention. When our turn came to sponsor old boys day, this year, we decided to complete the tower and fulfil a long-cherished dream of the school.

It wasn't easy: the logistics and finances especially. First using the power of the internet 'missing' classmates were located, a group formed, and from then on there was no looking back. The project is being described as not just what alumni can do for the school but what committed team work can achieve.

We're grateful to our teachers who graced the occasion today and blessed us.


  1. dear Pradeep, I must congratulate your batch for this onerous task.What PWD didnt do for 40years,you did in one.Iam eager to see our school with the tower.The head less look of the maintower was indeeed an eyesore.The school did desrve that tower.thankyou for updating me on the OB day.Though I wanted to attend the OB day,I was busy organising a sailing meet at Pykara ,Ooty. incidentally,Iam at Wellington,Conoor,doing staff course -a joint PG programme for all services.Hope to meet you soon.

  2. that was nice to u hv a picture of the new clock tower?

  3. Anon:
    How nice it would have been if you told me who you are. I'm sure you just forgot!

    Yes, I will post pix of the clock tower. Most of the old teachers have left. A few had come for the function.