Monday, July 30, 2007

Ingmar Bergman dead

A glorious period in world cinema has ended. Though in his 80s, he continued to cast a spell with his directorial genius. A few years back he was in news for the hugely successful teleserial Saraband.

His movies are a must-see for mass communication students in general and film students in particular. Not without reason: his ability to convey with huge impact deep emotions was extraordinary. His movies are a permanent fixture in most film festivals.

Three Oscars out of 9 nominations; over 40 directorial ventures in a career spanning over 60 years is no mean achievement.

One reason I like Bergman movies is because many of them have the common theme of human relationships. Aspirations have a way of bonding lives. The twists and turns these lives endure play their own angelic or deathly roles.

Bergman movies have intense impacts. Through a glass darkly, for example, is a haunting medical movie.

Bergman is not around, but his movies will live on forever.

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