Wednesday, October 6, 2004

B-school and pothole

The myth is shattered. The elite can also get down to earth. On Oct 4, The students and faculty of Indian Institute of Management here came out on the street -- that is the infamous Bannerghatta Road, known more for potholes and craters -- demanding that something be done. They were joined by employees of nearby IT companies, some of them MNCs.

So far it was only the IT companies that made a noise about the city's lack of infrastructure. Infy's Narayana Murthy did it. Wipro's Azim Premji did it. In fact, last year when Premji thundered that he will take his new investments out of Bangalore, a worried administration rushed to him to calm him.

The repair and expansion of roads is also about public affairs management; and city's most well-known B-school has a live project to work on.

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